About Adrianne

I’m an illustrator, graphic designer and web designer/strategist with 13 years experience. I have a background in print production managing everything from simple digital projects to specialist print jobs with complex processes to an exceptional quality. As well as running Bird, I’m the creative director of Horse & Cart, a web studio, where I’ve worked closely with a developer for five years to expand my knowledge to include web design, planning and strategy.

Who I work with

Businesses big and small, design and marketing agencies, consultants and individuals. I love the process of collaboration – with other people and also collaborating content with design – to create meaningful communication pieces. See some of my work >

In the past

Previous to setting up Bird, I was the production manager and studio manager of a boutique design firm. I managed a team of designers, implemented administrative and studio systems, managed design briefs, print/prepress and website production and coordinated design services and web development. My involvement included new business development and creating and assisting with digital content.

Before this I was the design and print production coordinator for a large funds manager. I worked in a team and ensured design briefs were recorded and followed, timelines were adhered to, printing was produced to an excellent standard, budgets and deadlines were met and was part of a major brand redesign.

I’ve also worked in lots of design agencies as a graphic designer.

How this is relevant for you

While I produce all the design at Bird, I’m also responsible for coming up with solutions and long-term strategies for my clients to increase revenue in different areas. My experience as a studio manager has given me an appreciation for being highly organised. Being the creative director of a web studio means I’ve stayed current with what’s happening online, learnt some code and how to work iteratively and with flexibility in a constantly changing environment. Business development experience helped me understand the sales cycle, how to look after customers (and get new ones). Going through a big rebrand on the client side gave me an understanding of what this process is like from your point of view. Years of design, illustration and website design for various clients have given me valuable insight and respect for different industries.

Contact me if you’d like to know more.