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Nonna Voce

NonnaVoce captures and professionally produces audio bed-time stories and life memories from grandparents and parents for their families and younger generations to come. Illustration of characters and icons from fairy tales placed these inside vibrant speech bubbles creates a repeating pattern that represents both the visual and aural aspects of storytelling and memory.


“Adrianne excelled not only in the creative aspects that were required, but also demonstrated considerable business acumen with regards to the functionality and application of the brand and digital aspects. Her high level of understanding and subsequent communication throughout the development process ensured that the project came in on-time and within budget.“

Nonna Voce 1

Nonna Voce 2

Nonna Voce 3

Nonna Voce 4

Nonna Voce 5

Nonna Voce 6

Nonna Voce 7

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